'Hermes'and'Gucci'Handbags - Speak the language of stylish people

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Handbags and bags occupy a very prominent position in the style statement of people. There are innumerable designs and types are available in market to cater to the need of style demanding people. The people with highly developed sense of taste are never ready to compromise on just any fashionable designs. The answer to their fashion consciousness is Hermes bags and Gucci handbags. They are never ready to compromise with their brand-loyalty at any cost.

Hermes bags give such immense satisfaction to the fashionable people that once they choose this, they never budge even by an inch to pick any other bag. Hermes bag has a wide collection of environmental friendly bags. Hermes came up with the environmentally friendly for shopping with as plastic bags are banned at many places like San Francisco. The environmentally friendly bags of Hermes are available in wide range of price tag, with the expensive one of $960. The bags of Hermes give the feeling like a celebrity. The looks and design are such classic that it reflects the classic touch in the person carrying it. No doubt the bags of Hermes is the taste of celebrities such as Victoria Beckham, regarding whom the rumor is that she owns over 100 Hermes bags. Hermes bags are considered to be amongst the most exclusive handbags of the world. They also reflect a unique product quality and manufacturing style. Hermes bags are made up of the leather of very high quality, such materials also includes crocodile, ostrich, calf and lizard.

Women who know the complete meaning of style are very much aware of the fact that handbags have a great role to play in completing the stylish look. Now when we talk of handbags, the name of Gucci cannot skip the notice. Gucci brand is known in the market for the stylish and glamorous handbags it always offers. With the excellence, class and designer tag, the price tag is not that big a point for the buyers. The Gucci bags are generally expensive, but women with highly refined style sense are never ready to substitute the brand due to price tag. Moreover, Gucci brand stands second in the world as the most recognizable brand after LVMH. While buying a Gucci handbag, one should always check the GG logo, the back of zipper, and the tab with the serial # and Gucci Engraving underneath the zipper pocket. You can go website of Gucci to check the better and more relevant details about the brand.

The fashion statement and language of sophistication, which Hermes and Gucci reflect, is indeed in their unique style. One can buy these products from the respective websites and showrooms. One can visit the website eurohandbag.com to see the collection of Hermes and Gucci, and can choose to buy the product they like. The product quality and satisfaction is inexplicable, and once a person tastes the class of such excellent brand, they are sure to become loyal to the respective brand.

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Designer Handbags are the Hottest Accessory for the Trendy Lady

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Have you ever wanted to dress like a star, but lack the budget to do so? Flip through the pages of any fashion or celebrity magazine and what's one of the first things you notice about the way rich and famous women dress? They love their designer purses! It's a designer handbag that will set you apart and it's one part of your fashion wardrobe that you can easily update and look like a star. It's always interesting to see which star is carrying a certain designer purse since they certainly seem to have a fetish with designer bags. Most of the big handbag designers have boutiques in Hollywood and it's unlikely that you will see your favorite star without a trendy bag.

Among all the designers that make these high-end handbags, perhaps one of the most popular is the Coach handbag. Based in Manhattan, Coach is the maker of some very hot leather bags. Coach sells their exclusive handbags through it's own stores, but you can still find great deals on these great bags through online stores, often for significant savings.

Of course Chanel is another popular and sought after handbag designer. Originally started by Coco Chanel, you might be familiar with their fragrances and designer clothing. Chanel is also very well known for their high quality Chanel handbags with their signature logo featuring two interlocking "C"s. Dooney & Bourke is yet another designer that makes some great handbags that have received much attention. Although they haven't been in the handbag business as long as others, they have made their mark on the industry. Since 1975 this U.S. based company has been designing some unique and high quality handbags with prices falling in the mid-range of designer handbags.

So what kind of bag is your favorite famous socialite carrying? Hilary Duff has been spotted with a Prada Fairy handbag, while Lindsay Lohan was seen with a Chanel bag. Most stars tend to have many designer handbags, but it's unlikely that anyone can beat Victoria Beckham. She is said to have over 100 Hermes handbags alone! Hermes handbags can cost $50,000 and more for one bag!

Unfortunately there is a downside to these hot and trendy handbags. Since they are so popular right now and every woman wants to own an exclusive bag, counterfeit goods are sold as though they are the real thing. Although it's reasonable to expect significant discounts by buying your next designer handbag online, if the offer looks too good to be true, you will want to make sure it's authentic. Usually these fake handbags are easy to spot as their quality is poor and they lack the detail of the real thing.


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Bucket Handbags Are A Welcome Return To The Fashion World

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The bucket handbag is back because Louis Vuitton reinvented it. The bucket hand bag was first used as a shopping bag in 1968 when fashions were mod and everyone used the bucket handbag for shopping in the larger urban areas. In the 80's it was even adopted to wear in Japan with a Kimono.

The bucket handbag works wells today because it is a welcome return to the fashion world. Women buy Louis Vuitton bucket handbags because they look smart and hold everything they need from morning until night and still look chic.

Designers create the trendiest bucket handbags that are on the runway this season. Besides using their signature logo, Louis Vuitton puts out styles, prints and colors that change all of the time. The first thing to remember is that bucket handbags come in different sizes.

The smallest bucket handbag is for when you just want to carry a wallet and smaller personal items. A medium bucket handbag is great for when you want to go to lunch and then go shopping for a few small items. Instead of carrying shopping bags you can put everything you buy into a bucket handbag and keep looking great, while you keep everything in the same place. A large bucket handbag keeps shopping items, personal items and the things that an office executive needs to keep while she goes about her busy day.

The colors are the next thing to look for in bucket handbags. The colors come out in the fall and the spring and are always different. Spring colors for bucket handbags are different from the fall. Spring colors are like Easter eggs. They are bright and saturated.

Most fall patterns are more subtle and go with shoes that are also on the runway during the season. Matching bags with shoes sounds a little outdated, but still holds up with sophisticated Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton makes handbags, shoes, wallets and other accessories that match and change from year to year.

Changing your look from year to year is important when you buy handbags and accessories. Retro and modern styles are important when going from look to look. Even retro Louis Vuitton bags can be combined to create a fresh look all year long. The Louis Vuitton bucket handbag creates a look that is both timeless and functional.

Even the large Louis Vuitton bucket hand bag can be worn in the evening, if you need to go right from the office to an evening Gala. Louis Vuitton bucket handbags hold a lot and make you look your best. That is why they have been around for years and will be around for years to come.

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Looking for a Sexy Handbag? Check Out the Balenciaga Handbag!

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Balenciaga handbags are known for being one of the sexiest designer handbags straight out of Europe. Every woman is sexy in her own way, and a Balenciaga handbag is designed to complement and enhance that sexiness. Now that sounds like a handbag worth spending your money on!

Balenciaga designer handbags were created in 1919 by Cristobal Balenciaga. His eye for designing high quality, stylish handbags is apparent in the success of his company. He opened designer salons in San Sebastian, Barcelona, and Spain, where women went to purchase the finest couture.

Balenciaga is also known as the cult label to everybody who is anybody in fashion. This designer of high quality, stylish handbags is right up there with the likes of Gucci, Chanel, and Prada. A great crowd to be associated with. If you are looking to make a fashion statement, a Balenciaga bag will definitely help you achieve this.

The Balenciaga motorcycle bag comes in a variety of sizes and styles. They have large ones if you need to pack a few things for an overnighter, or small dainty ones just big enough to carry your necessities. These wonderful designer handbags come in every color you could possibly imagine, from bright green to eggplant and everything in between. With this broad of a selection of colors and styles, Balenciaga is sure to have something to suit your own specific tastes and lifestyle!

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Visit her sight to discover a wealth of information on your favorite brand name designer handbags such as Gucci, Coach, Prada, Chanel, and many more.

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How to Spot a Fake Handbag

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With the variety of handbags available in the market, it is really a difficult task to distinguish the right quality of product is being offered to you and the handbags you have selected is one of the genuine one and not fake. Many times a number of retailers are caught selling fake handbags and sometimes attract penalty and fines and most of the times banned from selling of the brand.

If you have a plan to purchase a handbag, and want to know how to spot a fake handbag, you should first see the quality of the handbag very carefully. The material quality is one of the primary importances and a fake supplier or manufacturer will always use secondary material for manufacturing the handbag. It is therefore will give you an idea about fakeness of the product. Now a days even fake handbags are available in good leather quality, however these can easily be distinguished from the original handbags.

Stitching and finishing quality is also poor in fake handbags and you can easily distinguish this parameter from the standard handbags. You must look for stitching inside the bag or inside the pockets and you can easily look for any fault, if it is a fake handbag. These stitching differences may not be visible from outside and should therefore be carefully looked for. In addition to the stitching, you should also look for labels on the handbags. It is the label only, where you can identify the difference as well as spelling mistakes, logo change or logo design misspell. The label should be carefully studied and the position of the logo should also be checked. In fake handbags, these label quality is made poor and the attachment of the labels to the handbag also show poor in stitching.

Original branded handbags comes with attractive packing and the fake manufacturer or suppliers are not able to match these packaging attractive and therefore can easily be identified as fake handbags. With all these simple steps keeping in mind we can take a decision about the fakeness of the handbags and can save a lot of money.

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