Fashion Handbag As An Important Accessory

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A fashion handbag could be a part of a woman’s accessory to serve several purposes. A fashion handbag or a clutch could be carried with your special evening gown to give you a special evening look. On the other hand the day look could be enhanced by a casual fashion handbag with a long sling.

Various Types

The style for handbags changes very often, and since it does not have any size, you can buy the perfect new handbag any time and select a fashionable handbag of your choice. There are bags with snake and reptilian effects and bags with smart combinations of chains, buttons and belts. The Gucci and Bottega Veneta brands can also offer a good buy for a fashion handbag.

Evening Look

As a fashion handbag for the evening look the new trend is a clutch bag. A tiny bag like an ultra small designer evening bag is also a popular fashion accessory today and the colors gold and silver give you a perfect evening look. Big gold bags are also in fashion, like the “Midnight” from Marks and Spencer, and it can be used if you want to carry a change of clothes to stay overnight.

The snake and reptilian effect fashion bags have been in fashion for a long time, and they come in real or faux impressed patterns with a glazed polish on it. Similarly, animal print is in fashion again, but it is important to choose the bag material carefully, otherwise the bag looks cheap. As a high fashion handbag the small box pattern for evening wear is preferred.

For The Day

For the day look, most women consider a big fashion handbag ideal. The roomy “Billy Bag” is popular not only because of its size, but also because it comes in a wide range of colors. Red is a popular color for big bags as well, but gold and purple are fashion trends today.

Chains, Stones, Beads

Often, a fashion handbag has a mix of a casual look and luxury details. A clutch with a gold-plated hardware attachment can well replace jewelry worn on the wrist or the neck. Grab bags often have chain handles and bag corners are often decorated with stones. Gucci has a clutch evening bag which is the latest fashion trend and the rings function as wristlet hardware. A shoulder fashion handbag can have a chain strap and beads are also used often on bags to give them an ethnic look.

Designer Brands

Most of the designer brands have fashion handbags of their own, but Gucci and Bottega Veneta are selling very well in the Asia Pacific region. Both make bags of the highest quality and they are famous for their woven leather fashion handbags. Other brands like the YSL, Louis Vuitton, Chloe or Elliot Lucca are available. Among them Elliot Lucca fashion handbags are a fraction of the cost of the other designer brands and therefore more suited to the average person.

How to Tell a Cheap Handbag From the Real Deal

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If you are shopping for a designer fashion handbag, of course you are going to want to make sure that you get the real deal and nothing less. There are a few things that you are going to want to be aware of then, and a few steps you are going to need to take to ensure that you are getting an authentic designer handbag and not some cheap handbag imitation.

Do Your Homework

First thing is first. You should take some time to become more educated on the different handbag designers out there and their styles. This way you can figure out who you like and who you don’t, and what styles you are going to be looking for when you do finally go out shopping for your handbag.

Look for Flaws

If you want to know how to tell a cheap handbag from an authentic one, looking for flaws is a key step. It is usually pretty easy to tell a cheap handbag from a designer handbag, because the logo will be different, or there will be flaws on the handbag.

Remember that a cheap handbag will sometimes have authentic features such as zippers and monogram placement, but if you know what to look for you will almost always be able to tell the difference.

The best thing you can do if you want to make sure that you get an authentic handbag and not a cheap handbag is buy from reputable retailers. Sure you may find a company that is offering great deals, but you never really know if you can trust them unless they have been around for years and are a reliable name in the fashion industry.

Never buy online or at sales, and this will ensure the authenticity of the handbag. If you can, get a certificate of authenticity which will be your proof and which you can use down the line if you ever were to find out that you were gyped. You should also check the bag for digits, because most authentic handbags will either have a control card or control number on the inside.

Small details are really going to make the difference here. When retailers are offering imitation handbags they are of course offering imitations that are as close to the real thing as possible, and so sometimes even the wisest handbag shopper can have trouble telling the difference. Especially if you are planning on shelling out quite a bit of money on your handbag, it will be worth the time and effort to ensure that it’s the real deal.